Our Story

“Since thousands of years wandering on earth’s shore”.
These words oozed from the mighty pen of the beloved son from the soil of Bengal. One whose words resonated in every heart. He was Jibanananda Das. The great poet Jibanananda Das was in quest of his muse Banalata Sen, the very own reigning queen in the hearts of millions of young romantic Bengali men. In quest of my muse, I too wandered along the contours of our Bengal. Admired the enthralling history of Gour, splashing waves at Digha, intricate terracotta designs in the temples of Mukutmanipur, red soil of Bolpur, the confluence of history, art and culture in Murshidabad and snow-capped Kanchenjunga in North Bengal. Being born and brought up outside of Bengal, I had a different kind of attachment with everything that was related to my state. And after my extensive travels, I found my muse in one of its treasures- its fabric. Call it Kantha Stitch, Baluchari, Muslin, Tant, Dhanekhali- there is so much beyond the quintessential Bengali woman draped in white saree with red border and a massive bindi on forehead.

Artisans of Bengal have reigned the world map since time immemorial. It’s irony that the land that houses such diverse fabrics has forgotten its luster. So, here I am, in my miniscule attempt at giving a little back to the society, standing for our very talented but very poor artisans. I have named this attempt UrbanCraf where everything you will find is exclusively from West Bengal. From the fabric to the craft, everything comes from these weavers.

In the glitz and glamour of georgette and chiffon, adorned by tinsel town rulers, we have forgotten and neglected the sophistication and elegance of our tant, Jamdani, silk and what not. Similarly, though designer sherwanis have been ruling the charts for men’s traditional wear, our very own Panjabi seems to have taken a back seat. UrbanCraf aims at reviving everything that Bengal is proud of- our immensely talented weavers are ready to see their long lost sunshine days. And it is Urban Craf’s job to make their finest fabrics easily available readily.

All our products try to capture these nuances and the essence where rustic meets elegance, mystic meets simplicity and style meets authenticity. UrbanCraf is our own Bengal in a nutshell. It’s a journey. I have started it for my people.